The 1920’s, also known as the roaring 20’s, was the first decade woman started abandoning the more restricted fashions.  The music became louder, the parties were bigger and the dresses became much shorter.  Flappers, as they were called, wore dresses that came to the knees and they were extremely flashy.  The dresses were also extremely boxy and didn’t show off an excessive amount of curves.  Woman wore clothes that completely hid their waist and belts that wrapped around their hips.  They also started wearing more athletic clothing. Men, in the 20’s stopped using clothes handed down in generation and started wearing baggy plus fours and wide legged trousers.  The suits were a lighter and brighter color than were used to seeing now.  The suits were not broad shouldered, they were very slim fitting when worn to the workplace and bow ties were very fashionable.